Everything You Need to Know About a Merchant Cash Advance

As a small business owner, you may have noticed some fluctuation in credit card sales. From month to month, your access to funds can be unpredictable. A merchant cash advance reduces the impact of the market’s fickleness. At Chess Capital, we are proud to offer business amounts up to $200,000 depending on your merchant accounts.

Loans Are Based on Expected Credit Card Sales

We’ll research your expected sales through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Do you accept other credit cards? We may work with those sales as well. Your existing merchant account may be all you need to secure an advance.

The Benefits of Using a Merchant Cash Advance

Why would you choose an alternative to traditional lenders? There are several advantages to Chess Capital merchant cash advances:

  • Paperwork is quick and convenient.
  • There’s no need for collateral.
  • We don’t require application fees or closing costs.
  • Funding may be available within a week.

You can expect an easy payback schedule that is based on a percentage of your monthly credit card sales. In the meantime, use the advance to pay for advertising, inventory purchases, or business expansion.

Learn more about the cost of merchant cash advances, the approval process, and our other financial products by contacting Chess Capital. Our financial specialists are ready to get you started on the next step toward success.

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